Neighborhood punks

Lately some teens in my neigborhood seem to think carrying around Bow & Arrows and shooting them is cool.
About a week ago several of them (juveniles) were walking past my home 2 had the Bows and arrows.
I said guys that stuff is for camping/Hunting with adult supervision there is to many children in this area and someone can be harmed or killed with those weapons.
Needless to say they mumbled some shit under thier breath and continued down the street.
Fast forward to Sunday Nov 30th I look out the back window and children are shooting these steel tipped arrows in the air and they are coming in my back yard where my chuldren play and my family dog stays outside for excersise.
I walked out back and said ok this is 2x and I am calling the Police which I did the officer said nothing they can do she spoke to the parents and they said it would be taken care of.
Forward again to Friday Dec 5th some teenager approaches my 7 year old son and says hey come over here between the houses and he did not thankfully but a few minutes after that I hear the child say more arrows are in your back yard!
Ok, I snapped I went out there and told those little fucks I  will break thier fucking necks and thier bows if I see them walking down the road I am taking that shit right from them and putting my foot up thier asses! If one of my kids get hit with an arrow they better run for thier lives thier mommy, daddy, police will not be able to stop me from what I would do to them!

3 thoughts on “Neighborhood punks

  1. If they wind up back in your yard tell the cops you heard threatening racial expletives directed at home mentioning bodily harm right before the arrow landed next to you that might make it be a drive by hate crime. call animal control and mention that they are trying to shoot local animals. Also do it from multiple # and give different neighbers names and adresses ad the complainee(get info via zillow) Id do that with animal control not the police) Im sure they have finger prints all over the arrow just need to trump up the charges enough for the cops to be able book em on something like trying to directly shoot you.get enough heat on em and the bows will go away.


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