More pulled from blog:(

Appears that even after being down for awhile taking off Pics that were unacceptable they have also pulled my skydrive folders and replaced with Pictures of thier approval.
WOW They have an issue with everything I do on here! They say rules are made for order.  I say rules are made to be bent!
I don’t have an issue with authority I only have an issue with freedom of choice and speech being taken from me. It falls under my never sign a damn thing you don’t agree with because once you sign it that becomes a binding and legal contract.
Which brings me back to WHY THE HELL DID I AGREE TO THIS CONTRACT!!!!!
Example back in 2001 I was pulled over and was accused of drinking and driving I disagreed!
Finally after 10 minutes of arguing they gave me the normal sobriety tests which I passed the officer then gets mad imponds my car and expects me to write and sign a paper in that explains what I did wrong! In my mind I did absolutely nothing wrong except speak my mind last I checked that was part of being american I can say what ever I want to who ever I want.
So I told the officer to take that paper and shove it where the sun don’t shine! I refused to sign that crap.
Needless to say the officer which I am sure beats his wife and children and was picked on in school used what power he has now the badge to charge me with every thing he could muster Resisting arrest it totaled 8 charges. I went to court and spanked him right in front of the judge only to watch his face in disbeleif that the lame charges he tried to make stick only got tossed out of court and had to make an appology in court in front of his fellow wife beaters.
So anyone that says you have to do something is sadly mistaken we live in the USA and freedom to tell some inferiority complexed asshole is not against the law "Even if he hold a badge and gun they are NOT always right! 9/11 is a good example of people in power that seriously fucked up. And no one has the right to make you sign anything you disagree with.
I should mention I had 1 more court case with this asshole for a cop a few months later he ended up eating pavement somewhere in Clearwater and died what goes around comes around.
Everyone that does wrong to others will get thiers in the end and that is satisfying enough for me.

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