Went outside today and only to see people in masks raiding the next door neighbors home.
Guess the Police even raid homes in my quiet neighborhood.
Everyone was outside watching as the young guy was getting arrested it sucks because the guys father is sick with cancer and I can not imagine how hard it must be to be sick and worried about a loved one.
Over weed no less our government is so screwed up. But they legalize Alcohol which is addictive and causes more deaths than any other illicit drug.
 As of 2005 the #1 killer was Cigarettes #2 Alcohol #3 Prescription Pills and at the very bottom Heroin.  Marijuanna was not present in the list.
In 2009  a new list will be released and the climbing deaths of OD will be from Prescription pain killers.
The DEA Drug Scheduling has Marijuanna as a schedule 1 narcotic the worst of the schedules.
And coccaine as a schedule 2 that just shows how ignorant our government really is.
DEA drug Schedule
We all can only hope that the old farts that are still in our congress up and die very soon. 
The uncontrolable and shady drug deals are the main cause of drug deaths. Take that away by legalization and there will be no more shady deals that cost millions to smuggle and deaths to keep it running.

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