Tomb Raider: Underworld

Looks like Tomb Raider is back with a new installment called TR:Underworld.
It looks pretty cool and since I absolutely loved TR1 and TR: Legend I am looking forward to this next installment.
And Anniversary was cool as well the rest were crap.
Well I was going to post a few Pics here but it appears I have been stopped because apparently someone complained about a picture or pictures I posted on my blog!
None are offensive atleast not to me and I think what I do have posted is within decent taste!
The wimps today what can you do with them? Now I have to find out what Picture I have posted that was offensive.
Better than last time though they just took my page down so I sent the reply back to get details of my inconsiderate postings.
Wish they would just say it’s this and that then I could just pull them and be done with it. But nope gotta send and email to request such things.
I am a gentleman I don’t post about sex or sexual positions like doggystyle or ass eating it’s pretty clean.
Here’s a link to take a looksee:)

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