Xbox360 Internet browser

Was looking around and found that the Xbox360 can surf the web using a app called MCEBrowser it only works on Vista 32 bit and of course the old Media Center edition as well.But 64 bit OSes are not supported at this time.
I thought kinda cool Youtube on the big TV.
Go to it’s free and just requires install on PC that is assossiated with your Xbox360 Media Center.
There are other cool plugins at the page I listed as well. I saw a netflix plugin that allows you to order there or play watch now movies on your Xbox360.
Take a look at the NES emulator that runs through MCE as well it is using Java to accomplish this.
All of these are working with NON-modded Xbox360’s
The location they have listed is for MCE05 for Vista the location should be C:/programdata/media center programs/NES
And you need your own ROMS remember it does not emulate the games it emulates the hardware.
I should mention the only one I played with was the Internet browser and is not working with vista 64 as is appears and that is what I use.
Although I am sure I will play with the NES emualator at some point but with all the no working 64bit apps it is strongly possible it will not work either! 
Also took a look at Internet Explorer 8 it is in beta 2 release. Public beta.
Reminds me of a mixture of Mozilla FF and Google Chrome. It seems stable in beta 2 and all plugins I have tested worked flawlessly.
And last week Heroes season 3 started! The Japanese Hero needs to die he gets on my nerves! And what an idiot to boot.
And this Sunday Showtimes Californication and Dexter started!
Should not forget TruBlood another great HBO series.
Hopefully soon LOST will start as well.
Metallica Death Magnetic was released good album reminds me of the old shit.
This album makes me angry to kill my family animals and and curb stomp peoples teeth out then praise Satan that is how I know this is a good album:)
Gotta respect the fact they have 5 albums that sold #1 no other band or musician has ever accomplished that not even the Beatles.

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