I have been going crazy trying to figure out why and how our electric bill always seems to be over $300 a month.
At first I thought it was our old house because our bill there was never under 300 it even broke $400 at times.
This month we got a bill for half a month and again was $218! OK I know my brother’s E-bill was that with the back door open all the time for 1 month not half.
The only thing different at my house than others "people I know" is I have 5 computers running constantly I did not include appliances,televisions, monitors, laptops or game consoles into these numbers. We do use all LCD monitors for the PC’s so I am sure that saves some Power consumption instead of using CRT.
We average 107 Kilowatts a day.
Here is the figures I came up with At Idle 1 computer consumes 145 watts at idle I did not add any real power consumption from gaming and timed at a half hour so I doubled that up for 1 hour which equals 290.
290×5= 1450 watts an hour 1000 watts = a kilowatt.
Which means that we average 1.5 Kilowatts an hour and 48 kilowatts a day in computers alone that is almost half of our power consumption alone!
I did not add the Xbox 360 that at idle averages 157.5 again that does not run 24/7 either but if played in game for 1 hour it consumes average 185 watts x2 and peaks at 186 x2. x2 is for the hour the numbers I listed was for a half hour strain.
Again I am sure the numbers are not dead on because I did not count in the peak consumption from computer strain and of course each PC may have different results in power so the numbers are not exact but I am pretty sure it’s close.
We do use energy efficient light bulbs I suggest it to anyone they saved us quite a bit in the first month I started using them about a year ago and have not went back to the old ones since.
They cost a little more but you will make back that in the 1st month plus some.
there are more affordable ones so shop around you won’t regret it.
I try to make sure and get under 20w 13w is a good# and Illuminosity is equivalent to 60 watt standard.

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