Hey too funny atleast to me

This pic looks just like my old supervisor at my last job.
The best part is his name is Travis!
Check it out I fixed a LCD TV little expensive but I did it the one hanging on the wall I fixed:) The front was smashed with a hammer and due to that some resistors popped so I replaced all tested power supply and I then fixed it took a few hours but I did it. I laugh at the geeks who actually read books to fix this stuff!
Creepy the Poltergeist show was on that is the little girly that died staring at me with her death look.
I’m finally moved in and am comfy took almost a month have some small work to do like the wires hanging from the ceiling but that is little stuff
Like this where I have my Modems and routers it looks like shit I have to clean this stuff up it bothers me. I did clean it up some but I no like.
router wall 

One thought on “Hey too funny atleast to me

  1. awesome u fixed the tv , u didnt tell the best part , i kick the fuck outta the guy ie the tv got smashed , he ran down the road screamin call 911 HELP


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