Old papers and life

I found this to be pretty cool so I will tell.
Jenn went to her grandmothers to clean and she had found some very old news papers and old hair Dryers from the 50’s
Anyway the News paper was dated 1785! I exclaimed" Holy SHIT!" that was 9 years after America became independant! 
Needless to say she brought home the hair dryer and not the news paper WTF! Just like a women although I did find the old hairdryer pretty cool I tried it on:) GE model HD8 and still working after 50 years. I am guessing is the 8th generation of this thing it is big and funny looking. My Camera is dead charging the batteries now will post pics of Hairdryer and News paper when I get that.
She said the paper was in really bad shape from being over 200 years old it is falling apart all over but the print was still very ledgable. The Boston Ledger 1785
Appears that paper floated through the family because one of her late family members worked as a print press back then. 
I tried to explain everything that happened back then and it hit her and now she is going back for the paper Just the thought that the 1st President was alive and the treaties that took place pretty neat.
What I find funny is I could remember things I read about in high school on history and things but when I am working on my PC’s at home and I walk away I can’t remember which one I was working on???
Looks like my short term memory is shot out not so good. Really bothers me is it age? or the fact I never took care of my body like I should have through the years?
I am quite confident my nasty life style for so many years is finally taking it’s toll . As long as I live long enough to see my kids grow up I am ok and think I can go easily after that.
I had to add more to my final comment.
My whole point is this have you ever known anyone that is terminaly ill? No I don’t think I am. They are told by some Dr they do not even know that they maybe have 6 months to a year to live and this disease they have had for the last 10 -20 what I find insane is how once this person knows this it’s like the mind accepts this fate and they are now full blown sick dying.
Of course this is after they start pumping test drugs in and every other thing in your body because they figure this person is dying anyhow. 
The mind, body and spirit are one atleast that is what I think and once a person hears this thier spirit breaks thier mind accepts this and the body shuts down.
Me I don’t want a stranger telling me anything about myself I will let death come when it does.
Plus allowing some asshole to take my blood and then take it away bothers me that’s a whole other thing .

Here’s the pics of the old Hair Dryer



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