Internet connectivity in new house

Ok, I know there is wireless now I appreciate that and am using it all the children run on wireless but for some of my equipment wireless is just not an option.
Example my PC and my everyday runing PC must be hooked wired same with 360. Running that wireless is not worth it at all #1 the price at $100. I can do lots more with it than use that on a connection for my Xbox 360. Plus why settle for under 100 mbps with the wireless adapter.
So for my son he still plays his PS2 and it requires a network connection as well but I did not want the same wire mess I had at the old place.
Since he is wireless I simply bridged his wireless adapter to his net adapter then ran a cable from PC ethernet adapter to PS2 ethernet adapter and bam he is now conected PC and Playstation 2 simple solution. 
X360 is in the living room and my routers and switches are on my wall in my room across from my Computer desk. But I do have a switch on my desk I ran 1 Cable up to the ceiling into the garage through the wall behind my entertainment center I connected another switch there and connected 360 through that.
Here are pics of my setup kinda messy right now this is our 1st week in the new house. Yes setting up connectivity was 1st thing on my mind almost but the rest is a wholeother story.
Little Sal connected.
Jess And Amber Connected
Xbox 360 connected plus other ports for more connectivity I had to run 1 line throuigh the ceiling from my desk switch to the garage through the wall for this action!
And finally my room where everything connects through.
Here’s my wall of routers and switches,Phone jacks all through closet and inside.
MyDesk that also has a switch which powers the switch in the living room,and other PC’s under my desk:)
 Ohh yes moving is fun:)..NOT! while the wife worries about the simple things like arrangement I have to wire everything from Network,PC’s and home stereo equipment she thinks this is easy stuff?
Takes hours and then days to make a good configuration without to much drilling and holes in the wall.
Think I did well ojnly 1 hole drilled and everyone is connected Living room bedrooms and family room… Not to bad if I say so my self!
Off the subject I had hung my 7.1 surround sound speakers on the walls this time around I wanted to use stands and only use 5.1 instead went to the Home Depot to get the plastic walkway wire cover and they want $25 for 8ft of the stuff so ridiculous so I have only hooked the sub, 2 front surrounds and center since the house sits differently the sub is on opposite side had to purchase a new sub cable (Longer) that alone is $20 gotta get gold plated for some solid bass ya know.
BASS in yo face in yo face in yo face bass,bass,bass in yo face in yo face!!!

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