Gears PC…Still Playing!

Man this game is probably the longest game I have ever played or kept on my PC.
Don’t get me wrong the Xbox version is ok but it is simply a watered down version."PERIOD"
Replayability is insane there are so many more maps on single player that is just basic install add all the community maps Single player and Multiplayer and it adds even more play time.
The Brumack maps are cool no doubt.
But there are so many community maps Resident Evil Mansion-MP,locustpark-SP,mp_novemberrain,SP_CourtLock_Far,SP_FinalTake_Far and the list goes on.
All are coop playable.
I will add links for sites to get many more SP maps or MP maps. Yes I know Gears 2 is coming but it will be on PC as well and even more to add on that as well and since there are so many more maps on Gears PC I can play them until 2 is released easily.
There is a map editor out as well. 
Xbox 360 version used $34.99 New $39.99
PC version new $29.99
Requirements with all patches installed are not bad I have it running on a AMD 64 3200+ single core, 2 gigs of ram,Geforce 6600 PCI-E 256 mb,DirectX 9 and running with High detail at 1280×760 same as 360 version and is quite smooth.
To use AA and DX10 for better visuals than console or DX9 pc version a 8800 GT or above is needed. Using DX9 on PC version is on par with 360 version as far as visuals go. And If you have a 360 controller it easily can be used on PC and gears. plug in controller and it auto finds and configs buttons to 360 button config if that is your thing. And if not just start using the Mouse Keyboard on the fly and will auto right back no restarts required this is the first game I have ever seen do this usually requires restart of game and/or having to re-configure the buttons….pretty cool.
I should take back this is the longest game ever to be installed on my PC the is is the first one since the original Unreal Tournament.
Fan sites  This link is a fan kit I have no use for it but maybe someone else does
Official Site

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