I moved this weekend across the street to my brothers place he thought it better us living here than some strangers although I like it here better than my old place moving really is no fun even across the street.
Cable was transfered A-OK Internet was a dilemma what a horrible deal went in Fri traded boxes because it was old and locking up.
Went back in Saturday to transfer service the Cable box went over ok.
She tried to move my modem over with 0 success instead of transfering 1 modem across the street she gives me another on top of the one I already had.
Inet no work when I finally move everything over so I call only to find out both Modems I have are in the box at the cable company so they think.
I know this is impossible because I have em! 
Anyways the move is pretty much over and my back is shot out felt alot better today though.

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