Workplace Desk rage

Researchers say more people are going into fits of rage at the workplace, and it’s not just the boss who’s causing it.

Chances are either you or someone you know has had a boss or a co-worker who has unleashed their anger in the workplace.

One woman says she had a boss who would be "yelling at us and pointing out every little thing we had done wrong." A Salt Lake City man told me he had a boss who joked about shooting him, and then fired him six months later.

Reuters calls this "desk rage," and we’re seeing more of it.

Johns Hopkins Hospital Workforce Diversity Director John Fuller said, "It is on the rise, and I think it’s because American workers are more stressed out now than they ever have been."

Reuters says 2 to 3 percent of workers polled admit to pushing, slapping or hitting someone at work. Fuller says other studies show that office bullying is responsible for one resignation out of four.

"Managers do it 33 percent of the time and employees do it 67 percent of the time. It’s really more employee on employee-type of things that go on, and it can go from just a nuisance to violence very quickly," he said.

Fuller says more companies are forming risk assessment teams to recognize things that seem to be precursors to rage issues, like using unscheduled vacation time, showing up late for work or inconsistent performance.

"Major employers really need to have a very strong employee assistance program," Fuller said.

In the Salt Lake area, a slight majority of companies do offer some sort of counseling for employees who feel they need it, so a small problem doesn’t become a big one.

Employers Council Staff Consultant Holly Engar said, "Thirty percent of employers offer an employee assistance program through their regular medical coverage. Another 28 percent offer a separate EAP plan."

Engar says these programs used to be designed for people wanting drug rehabilitation, but that’s changed.

"It has been expanded in the past few years and now it covers legal advice, psychological counseling and a variety of different benefits," she explained.

Some analysts say high gas prices, long commutes and lots of stress have some workers ready to fight before the work day even starts.

I found this article interesting since it pertains to my last job it was exactly how I felt. Although the way the managers made it look as though they fired me I am quite sure that they never mentioned me begging them to do it. Even after pointing out my frustrations to HR they are all friends with the Managers and your issue never is taken seriuosly I caught HR and my ex-boss thankfully! Dawn Ralston making fun of the situation on speaker phone. Professionalism is a past time separating friends from buisness in this day and age does not happen. when I used to hear it’s all fair It made me sick knowing that that exact statement was a lie. Made for an angry unhappy employee of a place I used to love to work for.

I know quite a few reasons anger in the work place happens empty promises example: promised position then given to someone else, Excellent reviews but manager spreads rumors work is slipping ,Favoritism giving lovers positions they clearly are not cut out for ."no not the positions they pulled off in the truck";) And… not talking about Travis he was an easy pick spineless and no balls , Clicks AKA ass kissers to the over bearing boss lady "Dawn" who I am sure sickened all with her sexual stories that would make a seasoned porn star barf in disgust. there are no real impartial decision makers when everyone is friends outside the office and are not professional enough to separate that from business. Let’s not forget family issues ,economy and many other things everyone deals with. I am sure PCSU is not the only place of employment that is in a shambles when it comes to it’s management and employee dealings I am more than sure there are maybe even worse. …maybe.




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