Vista VS XP Debate

My brother and I have had a few debates on which is faster or better along with a few other people I have spoke with they all have the same outlook and it is that Vista is not as fast as XP.
And god forbid you say Vista is ok to some Corporate IT snob! AKA: We are leet crew everyone else knows nothing.
There is a site that is called this is everyday users not IT people that all are asked what they think of Vista. all of them say it crashes or it has no compatibility well this site disguises Vista as Mojave and have these same people use it then give thier rating on it.
Not one person rated it 0 like they did Vista most gave Mojave which is Vista  8 or 10 scores.
No doubt UAC can be annoying but in the end it is a necessary evil and if setup correctly is not bad at all.
If you look around most bench marks are using the average machine which is XP generation PC’s..not Vista Generation PC’s
I know but that is why it’s not worth upgrading to because the average user is using an XP generation PC.
Funny everyone says that now they smear the new guy on the block it’s human nature to fight change. But I remember when my 550mhz CPU, 64 megs of ram win 98 box ran like a dream with my 3DFX card. I also remember putting windowsXP on it and saying the same exact thing about XP that  people are saying about Vista now it is slower than 98 and drivers suck for it and my damn printer no longer works WTF!
Fast forward a few months later 1GHZ Processors were released 256 megs of ram was great and guess what XP ran great!
See the trend? Same follows with Vista all the same people that hate now will be using it later because like all technology it is expensive at first then drops and all that Vista hardware is now affordable to the masses. Then that is where corporate world picks up they now adopt as well not because it’s a new OS nope it’s the features Vista has XP just does not. And now the hardware is affordable so they buy in bulk and retire those old XP boxes.
With todays apps that were once a 5mb install are now 700mb at minimum,Drivers that are so large there is more code than in Windows 3.1! and Xp’s lack of ram capacity which is 4 Gigs max is at it’s end. Right now yes 2-3 gigs of ram is sufficient but also remember not to long ago 512 mb was the sweet spot for desktop users.
Put any newer hardware PC with Vista and Xp next to each other and you will see speed is no longer an issue it’s all about security and advancement.
Don’t be a sheep because your friend has a friend that works at RARe and he/she is in IT and says Vista sucks. 

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