Kids first day back to school

I took a pic of the kids right before leaving for thier first day of school litle Sal is in 2nd grade and Valerie is in 3rd grade.
Please ignore the cracked window with tape looks like crap but hey I can’t fix everything in 1 day ya know!
Little Sal is upset because he wanted to play UT3 before school I said no that is why the sour face he has on "God dad can be such a dick!"
Sal and Val 1st day of school 08-09 year
And me unsure what to do without my kids home!.
Summer is over I really have to try and get a job now OMFG work! Iwill say it’s been a nice summer no work responsibilities just taking care of the kids more important than work anyhow.  I feel like I accomplish more with the kids than I ever have working. Maybe it’s just being stuck doing the same shit everyday it gets old I think that is where my hate for work begins and ends. Here I am today a little happier but sad too no more kids home  to take care of during the long day 😦

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