Working PC..Maybe?

A week ago my sons PC a old socket 754 Amd stopped working I knew it was coming was locking up off and on I knew surely the CPU was dumping and fast.
So after pricing a s754 at $50 I decided to wait and go through some of my spares from all the work I have done on other pc’s I had a Socket 939 mainboard but was lacking a CPU and PCI-E Vcard.
After looking further in low and behold I found a Geforce 6600gt PCI-E vcard yee-haw! ..But still lacked a CPU off to newegg they sell 939 cpus for $23! and a 3800+ for $30!
Luckily I have a good bro he had a spare 939 cpu and let me use as a loner until the order comes in.
I get her up and running of course no problem ..except every time I launch a game it garbles..but why it is fine in windows so I off and figured I will flash the vcard bios not an easy task ..but due to my mad skills I pulled it off!
While D3d Games now work no problem. Ogl games do not they garble still!@@@@
So Monitor refresh rate?……Nope wrong answer would be nice but to easy of a fix.
I then went to openGL home page and added the dll’s myself and boom Doom3 fires up!! I jump up with sheer glee at the realization that I AM THE MAN!
So I turn it off walk my son in to show him that father can fix everything proudly start the game once more and….OM#@##!@@!@ it garbles again!!! WTF!!!!
Bad V-Card you ask well simply put it works fine in my pc so no that is not the answer.
Maybe a bad Mainboard bios or ram?? maybe but I can assure you this I will get it fixed.
As I suspected orshould say I knew the vcard did have a bad bios so I upgraded it with a BFG bios which I knew would render the card useless so I then went and grabbed Bios revision 1 for the albatron Gerforce 6600 and flashed it low and behold issue resolved.
Warning flashing any board with incorrect bios will render it useless so don’t be putz and do it if you have no clue on how to reverse this. 

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