Concert M.O.D and my bud

Last Saturday my friends and myself went to a club to see M.O.D what a great time I had was very happy to be there.
The show was awesome there were six bands total and the whole thing lasted from about 7pm- 2:30 in the morning drank lots of beer talked to a few of the differnt band members even got Billy from M.O.D to sign my wife beater:)
Not to far back this year we went to see Slayer as well. Although Slayer was awesome I had a much better time seeing MOD I even moshed which I said I would not guess old habits die hard:)
 Can surely tell my 20’s are long gone.
I have seen alot of bands live and 1 thing that has not changed I can always depend on my bud Rob every show I have been to he is there!
I am sure when we are 75 we will still go to the shows….. moshing with canes.
Thanks for the shirt!!!

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