OMFG my Bathroom Dilemma

Had a pipe burst between my Bathroom and kitchen apparently it had a slow leak for years which caused that black mold yep the stuff they condemn homes for!
Anyhow had a guy look at the situation he leaned on the wall by the shower head and the wall crumbled to the tub.
I wish I took a pic of this mold it is nasty shit.
So some other guy has been working on it since Thrusday no water 1 bathroom 6 people and a busted pipe= SHITTY SITUATION
So I vowed I would not shower until it was completed figured I am a bum no job cupcake eating slob who would notice anyhow.
Here she is today Saturday the 19th should be done by tomorrow and ready for me to shower by Monday YAY!!!!
Almost done needs touchup and paint!
Only needs touchup and paint
And yes after 5 days of no shower last night I did take one what fun never knew the importance of those little things like a working shower until it is gone!

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