Guitar Hero III PC mod:)

Ok, I know that only consoles have Gh 1,2,3, 80’s, Aerosmith but at a cost….. $60 a game:( do the math not really worth it.
Although the PC did get GH3 released for it. And as most know all xbox 360 controllers are plug and play on Vista and XP Guitar works fine.
But due to the fact that PC’s are far superior when it comes to comparing with consoles. You can add all GH games on the PC using the GH3 graphics.
With a selector which comes in really handy
Here is the selector I did I only added GH,GHII,GH 80’s ,and of course III as well.
can also add custom music,Aerosmith and even Rock band songs if you please.
GH Blog
Here is a tutorial to do this I must warn it takes much time many hours ripping encoding then doing set lists.
But if you like this game it may be worth the hassle.
I personally skipped Aerosmith no interset maybe if it was GH Obituarys best I would have surely ripped that ASAP!
Anyhow have fun if you want to give it a whirl:) There are links for all the tools needed on the tutorial site link I added. 
Should also mention that this is a huge install after all mods mine with1,2,3 and 80’s is over 20 gigs.
Also Devil May Cry 4 PC is awesome this game is really fun!
The enemy count demolioshes the console versions at one time on screen there can be well over 60 enemys where the console versions maybe have 5.
With so much going on screen it gets insane. Also has DX10 mode so it looks better too.

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