More Rc troubles!

I finally upgraded the motor as planned and after a few minutes of testing in the garage it went nuts and the new motor fried my 4in1 that is #2 so far doing this modfication with a purchase of a 3rd 4 in1 that equals $120 in just 4 in1’s!
So I email the contact at said company and get the reply we are aware that that motor was from a defective batch we are sorry for your inconvenience!
Yowser that is not what I wanted to hear!
4 in1 blew this will be the 2nd one blown
Broken Flybar
Broken front skid.
Anyhow the 2nd email reply from the company said they are shipping me my new 4 in1’s and replacing other parts broken along with a few complimetary parts.
Which means I will have to convert my radio equipment that connects to my motors.
Luckily I have a spare TX since the stock one will not work with the new parts they are sending.
Anyhow they ship from Hong Kong should be here late next week and then I will be soldering and rebuilding yet again:(
When I first picked up the hobby I tought man what a cheap hobby to get into a decent heli for under $100!
What a fool I was after you start learning and getting better you start to realise what parts you need and before you know it your $1,000’s in the hole.
When I bought this helicopter it was a Walkera Dragonfly after all the mods I renamed it .
Name: Carbon Blade Dragonbee FP =(Fixed Pitch)
Uses Eflite Blade motors, Esky Honey Bee Radio equipment, Carbon Frame 300,Walkera Dragonfly Head and main Gear This is how I came up with that name:).

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