Another RC helicopter post:)

I decided that I should sell my Blazing Star on Ebay what a joke they nickel and dimed me and was sold for $15 I really hate Ebay someone walked away with a $100 Helicopter for a total of $30.80. No big deal I guess that is all they will get for that price I am keeping the Lipo battery that alone is worth $30.
Anyhow I have found a really nice motor for my Dragonfly it is still a brushed motor but the one I purchased today the brushes are made to be replaced and it is a 380 motor instead of a 370 it’s a little faster.
The motor is listed for a Esky Honeybee FP but the Dragonfly is exactly what the Honeybee is replicated from hopefully will be a smooth fit if not I will mod that pup in:)
Extreme Motor
This is the new motor I hopefully will have successfully installed come the end of this week.
At some point I will upgrade the tail motor with a DD tail. (DD=Direct Drive)

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