1 title 2 words Mass Effect!

This game was released on PC last week it is improved vastly over last years x360 version.
Graphics are better and mouse and keyboard controls.( I’m no critic but there are other changes besides what I listed here I just pointed out the obvious.)
Anyhow I was looking for patches and what not to get the latest and greatest not that there was any issues there is not. I stumbled upon a review for this game on Gamespot.
They gave it a 9.0 not bad right so I continue over only to see  GTA4 gets a 10.0 review WTF!
GTA 4 this game is so washed up I mean seriously the game is ok I have played a little on PS3 version but sure as shit does not deserve a 10 score.
Goes to show I guess everyone can be paid off Rockstar must have paid a good chunk of $$$ for a 10.0.
How many GTA games 4 and a few other add ons San crapos and another I barely remember plus 100’s of GTA clones to go along with this garbage. I mean seriously wow you can steal cars ,planes.helis, bang prostitutes it’s been pretty old since the 1st GTA came out.
I am in no way trying to compare the 2 there is no camparison 1 game is good the other is a re do of the same ole same ole.
Really I beg of you Rockstar to please stop with this game it sucked ass since the San Andreas release. Go back and try something new your game sucks!~ 

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