My latest Heli (Walkera Dragonfly #4-1)

This Heli is 22" and was quite affordable shipped under $100
And it is pretty quiet and is a blast to fly.
I think I enjoy flying this better than my HBFP non- modded of course.
This will surely get some upgrades Lipo for sure and Titanium boom as well no Super Skids they are so heavy and kill the speed and flight time in my opinion.
One negative to this heli is I noticed it operates on the same frequency as my Blazing Star 72.870 but the dip switches are not the same so I can’t even use the same tX on both Helicopters.
I will have to look into that hopefully I can do a little change up on the Dragonfly.
Update: May 31st brought her out for the first time today flew it around until the batt died was quite windy today 2mph winds with gusts at about 5mph but were far in between so I was able to get a good feel for this Helicopter.
Tried upgrade to 1200 mah lipo it does help with flight time ni-cad battery is max 9 minutes the Li=po is right at about 20 minutes!
This little heli is quick!

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