Lama3 modded

Modded my Lama3 added new motors as well.
Stock setup uses a 7.4v 800 mah lipo battery I upped it to a 7.4v 1200 mah Lipo and the head speed is improved but puts a major beating on the motors they are blazing hot after 1 use and requires me to lube the motors after every flight I have a feeling thses motors will be burnt up quite quickly.
Also noted that with the higher lipo I can see the motors putting out sparks from the speed I am pretty sure that is the brushes wearing fast.
Added video of test flight the new motors and lipo do add more power was at half throttle the whole flight:)
After flight I lube the motors with WD40 very carefully because where you lube them is at the top and right below that the motor puts out spark when running well I screwed up and it went under from over lubing now it smoke when starting up really sucks I am guessing it will be awhile before it dissipates:(
xhelilama2 orig
Lama3 modded
Lama3 complete
Updated on 06/05/08

Lama upgrade #3

This is my indoor Helicopter completed after it’s 3rd Modification what has changed is it now has a aluminum head which nicely holds the flybar in. The stock one was cheap and would come out on regular flight well maybe not regular I get her going so it would come out in flight and cause crashes so I spent $13 that’s with shipping and will probably save me an easy $30 in blades alone. Had to also replace the upper gear as well because while in flight outside which I never do but was dead calm.  the flybar came out and the heli did a fatal twist and dumped hard on the street causing the gear to strip and knocking the head loose. Again this was caused by the cheap stock head that used to hold in the flybar if you do purcase a Lama v3 or 4 replace the head immediately. 



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