Cats in the attic

Have decided to add this because I feel as I have gotten revenge on the wild cat that has been living in my attic for the last 7-8 months she has had 2 litters and the 1st litter dissappeared they were all mean just like the mom.
Well she had another litter this time Sal has prevailed on Mothers day I stole one of her kittens! She was all hissing at me and angry but I had the last laugh as I ran away I could feel the warmth of happiness flow through me like the force.
baby kitty1baby kitty2 
I have saved this cat from a life of garbage cans and hate from the humans… he is the chosen one!
Sadly on Sunday May 25th I accidently stepped on my kitty and his neck broke I am so sad:( ……….R.I.P my little friend.
After I cleaned up I buried him in my yard my daughter and I said a prayer I know he is in heaven now and I miss him already.

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