Tegra 3 Nexus 7 found battery.

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Found a battery on Amazon only like $25 shipped. http://www.amazon.com/Google-Nexus-Tablet-Replacement-Battery/dp/B00ERKI9AW/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1416418697&sr=8-2&keywords=Nexus+7+generation+1+battery I do think battery is the issue. Because it does show it charging but battery doesn’t hold charge at all. Just stays dead. Hopefully in few weeks take some pics and Video taking apart and replacing battery.


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Nexus 7 Tegra 3 version

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Having issue with it not taking a charge. Going to be pulling it apart to see if I can repair hopefully will get some pics and video and make it easy for others that have same issue. May be bad battery needing replacement or just the USB plugin has shorted or became loose



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I’ll go weeks feeling good then the fuckin itch starts.

Always when I think I’m past it this happens. Have to try and find some other action to take to stop this fucking thought process that always seems to reoccur after weeks of commitment. It’s just hard to explain.

It’s like someone who continuously knocks on the door but the knocking gets harder & harder, louder & louder until you just fucking answer it.
Already know I have to get my life right but then this shit comes and just adds on top of it.

After about 4 months of owning the videocard the black screen issue started and went from only here & there to black screening as soon as in game.

After BIOS update to ASUS mainboard and trying AMD Videocard drivers 14.4 WHQL, 14.7 RC3, 14.9 WHQL, 14.9.1 Beta & 14.9.2 Beta the issue was unresolved.

Then figured must be voltage settings either by the mainboard ram or CPU adjusted these still not resolved. Then thought bad Vram or system memory did tests all good.

Next let’s see how hot the Video card gets. AMD’s peak allowed temp is 95c after this it drops to lower frequency to stop hardware damage from heat.
Vcard idle stays stable at 34c. During peak gameplay 30 minutes to 1 hour GPU only peaked at 65c Game tested was Shadow Of Mordor with updated texture pack. Figured this game will get the card peaked. So heat isn’t the issue. Almost wish it were at this point.

Re-seated system memory and Video card and noticed that the videocard is sagging pretty badly. Made a make shift platform for the card to sit on in the case.
Did a complete wipe of any AMD driver or software including manual registry removals. And installed the 14.9 WHQL driver set from http://www.amd.com

So far the black screening has stopped but i’m still not going to say it fixed the issue will wait and see. I do know the weight of the heatsink and fans on the PCI-E slot isn’t a good thing.

Update 11/30/2014

I should of posted when I found the issue under month ago just been busy.
The issue with black screen is power supply even though I have a dedicated 450W PSU and a 550 PC PSU.
The 3.3v was dropping below 3.0. Those with this issue check you outputs on all PSU’s installed in your PC. This resolved my problem haven’t had a black screen again.

45th day and fucked up.

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Found 2 damn 30mg Codine pills in one of my non-narc med bottles. Of course like an ass without thought I ate em:-(
Codine isan’t really a narc until liver processes it then it becomes morphine.

Fuckin really thought I was past this bullshit. Set back on 45th day just stupid funny when I saw them I didn’t hesitate to take em. 2 seconds after I felt terrible about it.
Sucks ass thought I was stronger than that.

It really helps when I post this shit here. I don’t do any of those damn NA/AA deals I just know how drugs work on the brain & body and  withdrawal faith and god can’t fix it. Plus could never stand in a crowd of strangers that see me and say these things.

Day’s & more days

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All the things I’ve done haunt me. Somewhere between 22 and now something broke. Then mom died I couldn’t even say goodbye.

My children have seen such bad things and they came from my actions.
I can’t fix the past this I know but i’m going to try to make the future better. It’s hard I still miss opis makes me feel so guilty I think i’m actually in love with it.and even consider putting it before my Wife & children or well being.
I’ve seen 5-6 people I was close with 1 being my uncle die from the same monster. It’s the feeling I miss. Everything is wrong, empty feeling and I start sinking.
Today is the worst day I’ve had as far as my seeking no needing to feel something other than this dread & deep depression..

Just wish there was an erase button for life.